Digital Genetic Pasta
Beyond electronic music production and DJing in clubs-event in half the world (Milan, Rome, Barcelona, London, Tokyo, Osaka, Ibiza). Digital Genetic Pasta is often busy as a sound-designer collaborating with associations, companies, radio and TV shows. With Biokip Records DGP released the Villain Smile CD, the Fireworks EP, From Queef to Ibiza (all 3 with Tranz Lasagne) and the “God bless the leggings” EP and BLOOP COMPILATION. He also created many soundtracks and sound effects for the Biokip Gallery’s art-shows.

Más allá de la producción de música electrónica y DJ en eventos por medio mundo (Milán, Roma, Barcelona, Londres, Tokio, Osaka, Ibiza). Con el sello Biokip Records, DGP hizo  Villain Smile CD  y  Fireworks EP, (ambos con  Tranz Lasagne) y  God bless the leggings También se compuso muchas bandas sonoras y efectos sonoros para Biokip Gallery’s art-shows