BIOKIP is a versatile European creative team that started rummaging through the streets in 2004. From music and parties to fine arts dealing and curating, it is formed of three bodies; BIOKIP RECORDS, BIOKIP GALLERY and BIOKIP CLOTHING. These are the primary elements of BIOKIP and not to mention, always inspired by the ordinary people for the ordinary people.

Over the years the BIOKIP crew has brought countless projects to life. Some of which still lives today as good memories and others shitty (oops!). But every little thing was a good lesson taught. After all the bright and bitter experiences, BIOKIP independently produced the first international proactive art festival in the world, BLOOP Festival Ibiza. 

Today BIOKIP is called BIOKIP LABS.

Currently the team has their hands on the three main projects since BIOKIP, plus the following; BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival Ibiza, LatoCorto Laser cutting/ design lab, iRO iRO Creative Languages, and many other creative services.

BIOKIP today is still rummaging through the streets, just how they started and enriching their bookshelves of experiences ever more.