INO is a visual artist from Greece who studied Fine Arts and now works as a freelancer.

His first experimental pieces emerged in high school, when he started creating graffiti fonts and characters. Gradually, his work evolved into figurative painting. In addition to his canvases he also creates large scale murals thus achieving impressive compositions in the urban landscape. His images are identified by fragmented forms, photo-realistic elements and his gray scale color palette with touches of light blue. Inspired by the behavior of people and the consequences of their actions, INO’s art explores themes of social and political issues, as well as the misuse of technology and power.

He participated in the BLOOP in 2016 and 2017.

For the theme NO FEAR, he painted a mural that illustrated a peaceful protest against the bullying issue in schools. It was censored by the local government due to its “inappropriateness”.

The following year, the app THE UNCENSORED APP was developed by BLOOP in collaboration with the artist against censorship that let users to virtually paint INO’s wall everywhere and share the photo via social networks.

“You can erase a wall but never an idea” by INO