from the streets for the streets

First of its kind, BLOOP was born in 2011 without any political orientation, outside of any art system. With its founding ethos “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY” and stressing on the sole criteria, to gather the best street-art that encourages people “to think” from all over the world to the streets of Ibiza: a universal, cosmopolitan, international tourist destination for everybody when BLOOP first opened doors.

True to the Festival ethos, Biokip Labs who organizes this fiesta dedicated to arts and people, is committed to art that is completely free, open, inclusive and uncensored, proactive in the most broad sense: so that during the course of 12 consecutive years, tens of thousands of visitors have enjoyed and joined the interactive installations, murals by hundreds of international artists, children’s workshops (adults too), concerts, parties, exhibitions (both indoor and outdoor) in a more and more renowned and famed backdrop called Ibiza, the Mediterranean gem.

More than just a festival, BLOOP was made possible to the artists who shared their values and people who support it. Not only BLOOP is the longest running authentic art festival on Ibiza, BLOOP changed the face of en entire island through the OpenAir.Gallery project, which was one of the first in the world back then in 2011. Even though it’s called a gallery, BLOOP’s OpenAir.Gallery is a non-museum impartial to any art system. No ticket fees and no fancy presentations, just people from anywhere owning it to the artists, people and organizations who supported them.

Underground and just as loud as the bloop, mysterious undersea sounds in deep and low frequencies imperceptible by the human ear, which made oceanographers in the 90s go crazy hypothesizing its origins a monumental sea monster (in the end it was just an ice quake in the abyss).

So that’s BLOOP, a non apparent massive quake from the very below that shakes the system but if you look for them, they’re loud and they do exist (and not an evil monster).


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Interesni Kazki

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